Wednesday, June 08, 2005


Have yall checked out this amazing little thing known as podcasts? You can get almost any kind of information you need (or dont need) on a podcast. I was more than elated when my wife let me take some of our tax return and puchase and ipod shuffle (because that all we could afford), but discovering podcasts was like a second little gift.

I have to admit, that podcasting has caused a mild regression in some of my nerdery. I have been getting podcast and others updating me on the Star Wars universe as well as some on the Lord of the Rings.

I have also got some on sports, a few sermons and some real bizzare youth ministry ones.

One of my favorites is Ryan Dobson's Undone. He always has a pretty good interview and its always easy going and informative. Check out the one from May 2nd with Stephen Baldwin, and the one with Bob Smiley is cool too. Just about every interview he has is as the kids say "dope".

I do feel like I am missing alot of good podcasts though. The ones I have are great but I bet theres more. Feel free to give me a heads up if you have some.


Kevin said...

Just got into looking at podcasting. Do you know of any good youth ministry ones?

Preston Porter said...

hey kevin

Ryan Dobson's undone one is pretty good. He is a passionate guy for youth and interviews alot of people connected with youth ministry one way or another. I havent found any others.....yet. but I will let you know if I do.