Monday, June 27, 2005



I have been thinking lately about how cool it is to be a part of a great team. It's great to know that your teamates have your back and that you are all focussed on the same goal.

I am glad that our staff is the same way. It fires me up coming to work because I know that these guys are ready to aggresively pursue this mission.

Along with excitement comes with pressure and I feel like that maybe more important than the excitement. It isn't a negative thing, it's just the way it is. In a team you have to play your role. If you mess up then the team as a whole fails. Thats why I love the saying "dropped the ball". If you are a receiver in football and the quaterback throws you the ball, you are supposed to catch it. Its your job. Its your responsibilty, the team has put you in position to make the play. If you dont, then the team has to make decisions, give you another chance or make a change. If it never seems to workout then the team needs to look to someone else.

I think this is always super healthy. It's nothing personal it's just the way organizations need to operate in order to execute their missions.

think on this. I know in the past this has applied to me on both sides as the one who needed to make the play and the coach who had to make a decision on someone who didn't. Where are you now? Are you making the plays at your position? Or do you need to sit someone down and put another player in the lineup?

where are you?


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