Thursday, July 28, 2005

don't call it a comeback

hey I am back

I was thinking the other day about this sortof new age of church we live in.

about how it seems more churches than ever are caring about doing things that matter, not just things to keep people happy or their building looking nice.

I thought of it again today while walking into the Braves game and as we were crossing the street behind a group of twenty or so elementary age kids. as we are crossing there is a guy basically screaming at us about how Jesus is the way. and I am like"OK, I am down with that" and then he goes into a rant about how these kids (he singled them out) shouldnt be worshipping baseball games or Nintendo or anything else. While this is true it just concerned me as not an effective way to do ministry today. maybe I am wrong but I think this style leads people to the two stereotypes I feel people have about Christians.

the two stereotypes I feel the church is fighting today is that Christians are hypocrites or finger poiters. granted there are Christians who are or have been both but I think todays chruch really has taken steps to be more relational and purposeful in the whole living the life or as we say at Ridge Stone "living the Adventure" together.

anyway just some thoughts



Ben said...

So true! check out the Nooma DVD Bullhorn. Later!

Preston Porter said...

love nooma

wish I still had it