Wednesday, July 06, 2005


you ever watch the price is right?

I used to like plinko

plinko for those not versed in PIR lore, is a game where an air hockey like disk is dropped down a peg filled board bouncing from peg to peg, slipping further down the board until it lands at the bottom in one of many different slots which each contains a different prize. It was so random and you never knew what the contestant was gonna get

i was talking to a friend this week who had a similar background as me and we were sharing about all the crazy things that have happened to us. most of my twist and turns have involved my family. the events were everything from comical to tragic. as I spoke with my boy I couldnt help but think about how all those things had shaped me.

i mean all the drama we face growing up, especially from close family situations, can impact our lives so profoundly we can be forever scarred or shaped by our troubles. those issues lead me in the direction of impact.

oh you were expecting ministry?

no I would say impact. I think too many people see the hard luck hellion who turns the corner then is a born again preacher. and that does describe me pretty acurately but I have always looked at it as impact.

I decided to impact the world

I knew that if God created everything then He made me. and no matter what I faced He still crouched on His knees and put me together like legos, therefore my whole life was not too much to pay Him back. and that meant I needed to impact people for Him.

whether its just being nice and reflecting His love or

telling them about the most amazing and revolutionary event ever, Christ's life or

helping those in need with actions to prove that I do actually care.

so as life hits you with the force of a plinko peg, cosider how you will react

is it just the way life is and you have to take it or does God have something HUGE planned for you? can you look to God and not blame Him or ask Him why? (not that isnt a reasonable human response)

can you take everything that this fallen world dishes out by remembering that God uses EVERYTHING for His good.

that means pain, divorce, loneliness, guilt, even death. God can turn all bad to good.

It's what He does.


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