Tuesday, August 30, 2005

coffee shop

Hanging with Tim today at a local coffee shop

we will be heading to a local hot dog joint in just a little while that I love
it is the bomb and Tim will have his mind blown away

I am so excited

is this food worship?


Gary Lamb said...

Coffee Shop???
Hot Dogs????
While the pastor is away, the staff will play?


Kevin said...

Is this a hot dog joint with many types of hot dogs to choose from? I hope so. My fave is a pizza dog. Hope it was worth getting in trouble with Gary.

Preston Porter said...

no this is a hole in the wall that has the BEST chili in the world, thus THE greatest chili dog and burgers

and dont tell Gary, but I hate warm fruit deserts (I know real american) but they have the most amazing hot apple pies and ice cream

I am drooling right now