Monday, August 22, 2005

creative childrens area

my team is so awesome

they keep making awesome strides to make sure we have an amazing childrens area that captures their attention then communicates our points

we have series coming up with themes of football, super heroes and Narnia

I am so pumped

I know there are only two people that really ever look at my site but I still am going to ask what you people are doing about your creative areas




Pudge said...


P' here!

We just finished a super heroes series. We created and got printed graphic trading cards for the kids each week with the main point and memory verse on the back. Our parent letters look simular with the devotionals on the inside. We also did some cool stuff with backdrops (Tide and blacklights...think city scape)...that's all I will say (for now)! :)

Not that I am saying do that...but the cards were a HIT with the kids. Let me know what you think, I can bring some copies to lunch on Thursday if you want? Drop me an email or something at my newspring address! :)

Preston Porter said...

uh oh p1

we will be doing a superhero series in about 11 weeks....sounds like I may steal items tomorrow

better watch me, Gary has trained us in the art of church plant ninja where we loot other churches


cya tomorrow

thanks for posting

p2 (pronounced p squared)

Pudge said...

Tomorrow should prove to be a lot of fun. I will try to get up some samples for you in the AM for lunch.

P' (its just a P and an apostrophe, because Perry already had the P)