Wednesday, August 10, 2005

more things I've learned

When your pulling an all nighter and try to squeeze in a nap, if it is less than 2 hours the shower afterwards is actually more refreshing (me)

After working all night and doing church the next day you maybe too tired to realize you have been waiting for fast food for nearly 30 minutes and the manager will come out to your car to tell you (me)

Ridge stone people love their church enough to

Sleep for a couple of hours on 4 folded out theatre seats (thank God for moveable cup holders)

Stay up till 2 am after putting kids to bed to create more props not because they procrastinated but because they wanted to do it right

Help all night when they could’ve gone home and still come to church even if they fall asleep holding coffee and stain their clothes

To be twice as old as any of the others there but still be the last to leave

RSC people rock

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Kevin said...

That is sweet! It has been cool to read all of the RSC blogs and hear about the move. It is very inpsiring the way people are stepping up. Very cool.