Wednesday, August 03, 2005

what I've learned...about youth

So Gary's talking this week and has recently posted about things he's learned, in his first year at the Stone.

So I figured I would throw my towel in the ring

but my towel is from a different perspective

see I came from a traditional church into a 1 month old church plant. basically I resigned one week attended RSC the next, hung around and came on staff a few months later.

things have been different

I came on to work with youth and really enjoyed the few kids we had but immediately I knew this was different

kids who don't grow up in church keep it real

I used to get upset with students who dropped bombs(cussed out loud) but now I am almost pleased.....not that they have a foul mouth(we work on that) but at least they arent playing church

there is just a different priority list for kids who have never been to church

more to come


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