Tuesday, September 06, 2005

TIL (things I've learned) this weekend

1. The Amazing Race is quickly climbing the charts
Survivor look out- thanks to the repeats and this weekend's 12 episode marathon on GSN
THE AR is challengin for greatest reality competition

2. Try as I may (please hold for bad grammar) I can't not get fired up on Sundays
I have been working like a dog and could really use some sleep but I hop outta bed
like a marine. Church in a theatre rocks!

3. Boy scouts got it right--Be Prepared
It pays to be ready especially if people dont show. Thanks to some challenges we faced
we will be creating a volunteer reserve crew list for those days when people don't show

4. My wife is a born oddsmaker
My wife and I have a fun tradition of picking college football games and the comparing.
If we disagree, we have a contest to see who was right on the games we didnt agree on.
So it makes Saturday a pretty cool family day where we watch games to see who was right
Well here the problem, some may say its pretty cool to share an interest with your wife
that you can both have fun with. Unless she consistently beats you. (Excuse time)
See what had happened was, I used to pick underdogs all the time so I would look real
smart and she would beat me all the time, now I'm picking for real and she still one.
This be less of something I have learned and more of a cry for help. SO here are the
results from this week, please evaluate and give me feedback where I have gone wrong.

Preston VS Laney
Bowling Green 42 Wisconsin 56
Duke 21 East Carolina 24
Washington 17 Air Force 20
Maryland 23 Navy 20
Texas A&M 24 Clemson 25
Virginia Tech 20 NC State 16
Florida State 10 Miami 7
Holla back

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