Thursday, October 20, 2005

we're bonafide!!

We have got new offices....again.

Tim and I now share an office and Gary's got his own but it also serves as our meeting room.

So Tim and I are slowly decorating and assembling our workspace.

It's kindof ghetto but hopefully it will get cooler.

I am working on a couple of themes for my area, which are nerd and jock. I love football and scifi. So anyway I'll show you our bootleg office divider and my first decorative addition to my desk. (sorry pics are picture phone quality so...)

The divider is two pieces of foam core with fabric on them, top notch huh?

And Yoda should be on every desk as far as I am concerned.




Tadd Grandstaff said...

Thats sad dude...I love you but thats sad!

Ben said...

Oh yeah...Yoda on every desk for sure. I'm with you man. He brings a source of inspiration that no other desk decor can give.