Tuesday, November 15, 2005


seriously is there a better invention gadget wise than TiVo?

It has so changed our lives. I find myself trying to press the 5 second rewind button in life. Like when I am listening to my radio, on the phone, and trying to pay attention to my wife.

its great but my father in law still calls it TiBo (pronounced teebo)


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Dan Ohlerking said...

dude, you're soooo right about wanting the 5-seconds-back button in other places. i hate watching tvs in my house that don't have it now. my 5-year-old is terribly proficient with it - he'll never remember tv viewing without it.

someone's gotta come up with a cell phone conversation version of it.

the wife rewind may be a little ways off, but dang, it'd sure help.