Wednesday, May 31, 2006


we at Ridge Stone have been struggling with or 3 and under area here for what seems like forever

Our workers are awesome and the curriiculum is pretty good but still other questions remain

how to divide them, which ones can go together, when is the cutoff date etc etc

if you are in ministry and wanna give me a heads up on some ideas shootem this way



Kevin said...

What's up, preston! I was actually going to email you similar questions to the ones you asked in your post. I think I may be involved in children's ministry down the road at the church plant we are at now. Any help you could give would be sweet. Love what you guys are doing down there!

Ben said...

Hey Preston,

Here's how we divide our 3 and under at Grace. Seems to have worked well for us.

Infants & crawlers (babies who eat, sleep, poop and sometimes crawl)

Crawlers (babies who eat, sleep, poop & crawl)

Walkers & 1 year olds (Babies who eat, sleep, poop, crawl & walk)

2 year olds

We've adjusted as needed when more kids started coming.

Ben said...

Oops, my bad infants & crawlers are together in a room.

Preston Porter said...

thanks guys

Kevin call me or email your number some things are better discussed over the phone

alot of our issues have to do with room structure

the small area at the front of a theatre is just too small to combine any of our classes

Ben your way is a way we have thought about but worried about space

thanks again