Wednesday, June 07, 2006

so....i'm out of shape

wow, I pay attention to news and consider myself pretty well informed, but man did I miss something where they passed legislation and made miles longer than they used to be?

seriously the program is in place

trying to get in shape

currently taking baby steps

MON Walked-1 mile Run-1 mile
TUE Swam - 6 laps
WED Walked .6 mile Run .6 mile

I remember running around the track in high school 4 times and getting a mile, now
its like I am about to be in the next town and the little mile counter thing is saying .37

anyway this morning was rough because I took my dog and she was struggling. She like me has gained a little over the last couple of years and she used to smoke me but I was dragging her today

that plus the fact that swimming is HARD, which made me sore, I cut it short this morning

anyway gotta get more summer stuff finalized

just discovered these links

kids ministry and culture
pastor karl (great stuff on going to schools

have a good one

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