Sunday, November 12, 2006

a bad gift...

so I lead worship for our elementary age program and sometimes I get a little crazy...

normally I shoot up on a Starbucks doubleshot before we get started so I can keep up with the kids.

this morning I wanted to stay focused on my bday and be clean so I skipped it.

well about half way thru "Tell the world that" I went to do our sortof "shout it to the eastside" move and when I started bringin it back to the westside I drilled my knee so hard on the solid steel handrail I almost passed out (we worship in a movie theatre and they have steel handrails all over) it clanged so loud you could hear it over the blaring Hillsong United

so I thought I would be tough and act like it didnt happen but whenever I kept it straight or bent it for awhile it would kill me to move it

so yes, I have been icing it with frozen pizza rolls from Publix

deal with it, it hurts

1 comment:

Christy said...

Another chapter in "The sacrifices we make for ministry!" Ouch! Glad to see you blogging about kids min again!