Thursday, December 07, 2006

blogs I read

well, I have a blog addiction and these are the places I get my fixes


Obviously I work 2 feet away from him but even so I still check out what he writes and how he stirs the pot in the blogging world.

Multi Site Kids

A great resource for those in children's ministry, lots of great ideas.

Joshua Griffin

I am not sure how I found Joshua's blog but I knew I would pay attention to him because A. He is in ministry, B. He is a gamer and C. He is the founder of (or at least he is a big contributor) and like me a HUGE Star Wars fan. Great posts on humor, tech stuff, ministry stuff and life.

Kurt Johnston

Kurt has THE BEST stuff found on Video podcast for middle school ministry. He also like alot of the same things I do like 24.

Corey Mann

Corey Mann is a pretty cool dude. He helps me stay in touch with movies, music and basically everything pop culture wise. He posts entertainment updates all the time and often has made me the king of the office as I am the first to break things like the Spiderman 3 extended trailer he found. He also has some great post on ministry.

Scott Hodge

I am not sure how I first started paying attention to Scott, I am pretty sure Gary sent it to me, but I like him and he always makes me want Starbucks.

Perry Noble

Basically Perry rocks, great posts on how to be a leader, a good church and just being a Christ follower. And he's tall, which is always cool. Us tall folk stay together.

Josh and Nikki Boggs

They are in my home team, he works with me in kids but basically we just support each others blogging so we will stay encouraged when no one else reads our blog.

Thats not all, I have over 30 live bookmarks but thats all I have energy to post right now.

More to come

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