Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Christmas Eve in Canton


Thats all I can really say

We were on the cover of AJC.COM, WSBTV.COM and The AJC Print......

And had lots of great email from our people about how much they love the video and how they used it to invite their friends that dont have a church to our Christmas Eve service

but the biggest WOW's came from the angry people....

we have had angry blogs, angry emails, and angry phone calls.

The good far outweighs the bad but the anger is just......WOW.

I guess the people are angry that either A. It's Rap B. We are pastors C. We shook our bootys or D. A combination of it all

For those who are mad, I really just dont get it. We did not create this video to show of our rapping skills, in fact we did it so our people would remember when our services were, and used the humor of how bad dancers and rappers we are to help them remember. If someone thinks we are looking for a record deal or something then I have some great items on EBAY for you to bid on too.

Yes we are pastors, but we werent always. (I would love to meet those who have been) I dont know what the real point of "They are pastors and should be ashamed" is. We are all Under 40 and so we grew up in the 80's and 90's and to act like we have never heard rap would be foolish. And if you are our age and have never listened to any other music than something you say "glorifies God" (which I guess rap cant) then that is awesome but to act like you dont have to understand what is going on in culture is just dumb

As far as booty shaking is concerned, I might not be able to type any longer because the utter foolishness of saying that we were "gyrating", "using stripper moves"(I wonder how they knew they were stripper moves???HMMM?) and "carnality" (BTW this word was used at least 4 times in seperate emails and posts) is so ridiculous I cant stop giggling. To say that Malcolm's rear end shaking was sexual is insane. If someone thought we were seriously "putting out the vibe" then I would love to hear from you and your neighbors in Clueless, USA. My oldest son has been shaking his booty since he was 2 and I have never called it gyrating, or carnality. He didnt learn it anywhere either, its just something that kids do when they dance and be silly, and that was exactly what we were doing...being silly, being silly so that somone could hear about Christ...and they will at our Christmas Eve service.

This is the last time I will address these goobers in depth but I just wanted to get that off my chest(ooops sorry, carnality)


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