Monday, February 12, 2007

rockas continued and other stuff

so I continued this diet of rock for my boys by grabbing a Switchfoot DVD that was from the Beautiful Letdown tour, because my boys love meant to live. Let me just say while I love Switchfoot, I mean there isnt anything they have done that I havent at least half way dug, this DVD was a real step down from the U2 DVD. Yes, I know,.......duh! They aren't one of the top bands in the world for nothing.

But it was $4 and the kids seem to notice the difference but not as much as me.

in other news....

Lost is back, going along the Others story line and it seems really cool to begin finding out about their backgrounds, and there was one "are you kidding me" moments where Laney actually screamed

2 hours of 24 tonight and I could not be more happy....unless I had an episode of PTI to watch, which I dont, because they didnt have a show today and I dont know why...anger

I had a tough time letting go of football and it showed this weekend as I watched the NFL Skills Challenge and the Pro Bowl. As I watched the skills challenge I began noticing and liking this guy, he said he was there because the NFL needed some people to fill in and he was competing against these linebackers and running backs in all these drills and looked pretty athletic (wait for the cliche)......for a kicker. And then it happened......what was he thinking?

off to 24

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Tadd Grandstaff said...

I saw that hit today because I didn't watch the probowl. I recored it on the DVR and watched it about 100 times or so...might be the best I have ever seen...pretty close to my boy Sheldon Brown hitting Reggie Bush in the playoffs!