Monday, April 09, 2007

real quick

Uh-mazing day yesterday and I feel like its the beginning of some Crazy things here at The Stone

Golf was awesome this weekend and event though Tiger didn't do anything Tiger-like to come back and win, The Braves and Frenchy picked me up on Sunday afternoon with some sports drama

My wife is awesome, she came to church early, lookin hot and cold(she was wearing short sleeves and flip flops and it was 30 degrees), and helped by serving coordinating and still got to service

My kids rock and I cant wait to meet the third

My inlaws made an awesome Easter lunch and then gave me leftovers(my favorites ham and german potato salad-basically potatoes, vinegar and mustard AWESOME) and were understanding enough to let me go home and rest after getting up at 4AM yesterday

I love doing what I do and God rules, and how He always does blows me away

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