Sunday, May 06, 2007

Sunday Brain Leak

I love early summer

Church freakin rocked today, even had some awesome portable stories too

I loved wearing my new "Hell? No!" Tshirt in Jasper today

My kids are growing up FAST

I can't wait to meet the third (yes its another boy, in case you haven't heard so we will have 3 boys yes we are open to counseling)

The Braves are kickin tail

We will probably watch the finale for the amazing race tonight but it is the least interested I have ever been in the series

anyway I am also way behind on blogging so I am gonna try this delayed post option and see how it goes this week



Tannerman said...

This season of The Amazing Race as been one of the most boring (though not nearly as bad as the Family Edition) :)

- Steve

Preston Porter said...

u are right Steve. They went downhill as soon as they let Rob and Amber get eliminated

al313ml said...

We visited your church for the first time the day that you filled in for Pastor Gary. You were AWESOME!! Anyway, just to let you know...we are parents of 3 boys ages 6,8 and 2 and I am telling you it is AWESOME!!! Wouldnt trade it for ANYTHING!! Only ADVICE.....make sure they have their own bathroom!! :-) YOu will naver have another clean toilet seat for a while!!!!!

Todd said...

We loved our visit to Ridgestone. It was my first time there and it certainly lived up to all the great things that I had heard about it.

You guys are awesome! I look forward to connecting some after we move to the area.