Friday, July 20, 2007

"I'm in loooooooovvvvvvvve" Steve Tyler

Yes the opening line fron Aerosmith's "Angel" describes my current feelings

I am currently bloggin from my BRAND NEW macBook!


I have had the same laptop for the past 2 years and it has been less than stellar
but I have tried to not complain

(sorry struggling to copy and paste within Firefox)

Finally after 5 blue screens of death last week MY BOSS graciously allowed me to upgrade

It is so neat and so simple

I will post the entire experience soon but I have totally bought into the hype

The organizational stuff rules and the extra features are great too (the boys and I laughed for like 30 minutes straight when messing with the photo booth)

but I have got to get back to work getting it up and running and watching the kids as the lovely bride is at a mini baby shower (really just an excuse for her to go to Carrabba's and leave me)

anyway .....its awesome...

more to come


ryan w fitzgerald said...

welcome to the mac side of life. it really is sweeter. (you should use safari 3, its still in beta so its a manual upgrade off of the apple downloads page, it is 3x faster than firefox, i switched a few weeks back and am loving it!)

Chris Goeppner said...

you will now get "it", something happens when you cross over to apple. a supernatural insight and decernment.

sorry dude im getting outta control. its a cult man, and your a part of it now.

there sno going back.