Monday, July 16, 2007

Monday Brain Leak

  • Transformers still rocks
  • Church rocked more yesterday :)
  • Still want to see Harry Potter, Live Free and some others I am forgetting
  • The Braves have started the 2nd have off with a broom
  • I am STILL excited that football is right around the corner
  • Have been talking with a lot of OLD friends lately (as in went to high school/grew up together but havent hung out in forever friends)
  • My kids might be TOO rocking?!?
  • Adam is tearing it up in our student ministries even though we still havent figured it out
  • Kids curriculum is SO weird, No one appears to have the whole thing down still
  • My wife is going through a ton with this pregnancy and still has a couple of months left
  • I love her more than ever
  • I have GOT to start doing some form of Consistent exercise
  • I think the British Open is this weekend, I love sitting around watching the majors with my family
  • Lots to do this week and a real cool thing to top it off on Sunday is having my pastor go and preach at one of our favorite churches NewSpring, its going to be awesome
  • More to come

1 comment:

Mitch Corn said...

so what are the issues you are having with your kids curriculum?