Monday, July 09, 2007

Monday Morning Brain Leak

  • I havent posted in forever
  • I havent posted in forever because of having to preach yesterday :)
  • Church was fun yesterday, it wasnt my best message but the crowd was real cool
  • Tim and the Band killed The Killers
  • I am DYING to see This
  • My kids freakin rock, I love them so much
  • My wife is so awesome and I feel bad she has to carry my long legged babies, she has 2 months left and looks like she is gonna pop...I love her now more than ever
  • Adam is doing a great job as our Youth Pastor and kickin tail as basically my assistant
  • Gary's family is finally home and while he was dying and missing them, I will miss giving him Godfather tips :)
  • I watched some UGA Bulldogs videos on YouTube this week and got really fired up for football (may post some later)
  • My snake still hasnt eaten, will probably start getting concerned if it goes another week :(
  • Went to this place on Friday and I have to say it was awesome, the kids loved it and it was definitely unique
  • I love RSC
  • Got to hang out with alot of extended family yesterday which was fun

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