Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Repeat after me very Loudly.....WHAT THA?!?

I have said that several times in the past 2 days

1. When I was helping Gary try to get an idea on how much it would cost to get a Saltwater aquarium up and running and found out that it would be anywhere from $300-500+ WITHOUT THE AQUARIUM!

2. When I heard about the indictment of Number 7 and the fact that its becoming very apparent that the starting quarterback for my Atlanta Falcons will likely be Joey Harrington
(especially after a report I heard a month ago that said he WOULD NOT be indicted)

3. When I found out I will be playing golf this weekend and realized it has been almost a year since I have played (please be advised citizens of Cherokee County, you have been warned)

more to come

1 comment:

Tannerman said...

It will be nice to see Vick crash and burn. Thanks for playing, Ron Mexico! :)