Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Holy cow I have been busy mind dump

  • Things are crazy here at the office and it is awesome
  • The reason its crazy is we are having a HUGE announcement this Sunday that is going to rock
  • I also had an awesome weekend as we had Jakes birthday party on Saturday (wow kids bdays kick parents tails)
  • My snake finally shed and is looking hungry and little edge our baby bearded dragon is eating like a champ and seems to be growing too
  • The Braves just got me really fired up by making some HUGE trade moves, this season should be fun, I just hope we keep Texiera next year and make a deeper run into the playoff than we usually do
  • The dawgs are even closer my countdown timer says 31 days 20 hours and 50 minutes but I think I set it wrong, but its close to that at least
  • The footage from comic con has me really excited about some upcoming releases next year
  • Did I mention a huge announcement on Sunday?
  • Well back to the business, hold on Canton things are about to get nuts

1 comment:

Chris Goeppner said...

oh yeah, fall is nipping our heals, crazy time. i look forward to hearing more about your BIG announcemnet.