Sunday, August 05, 2007

Monday uh I mean Sunday night brain leak

  • My countdown timer says 26 days till the Dawgs kickoff......pumped
  • Will be watching the first of many football games in just a little bit=NFL Preseason Saints VS Steelers
  • Church was frickin awesome today, you can check out some new things HERE
  • Avery starts kindergarten in the morning, I am getting old
  • Jake is growing up too
  • Mason will be here in just a few weeks, I cant wait to meet him
  • Laney is such an awesome mom, and wife
  • She took care of the kids and me yesterday when I was MIA with a migraine
  • Blogs I follow updates
  • Avery will not go to bed, guess he's kinda nervous, cute but frustrating
  • Number 755 for Bonds was the first major sports milestone I think I have missed is since I was a kid and I really dont care very much at all, and I like baseball
  • Speaking of which, Cmon Braves, lets catch the mets now
  • Just watched The Steelers go play action and throw a 58 yard bomb on a stop and go is awesome and back (even though its preseason)
  • God rules and I am glad I get to pastor for a living

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Josh(ua) Treece said...

So you're a dawgs fan, huh? Personally, I've always been a little partial to the Gamecocks. But I have a cousin who started for the dawgs. Kedric Golston. Used to play Nose Tackle. Now he's with the Redskins...