Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Fantasy Update

I am now in sole possesion of first place in our keeper league (we wont talk about the other leagues due to our "family friendly" focus we sometimes maintain)


My number 1 scorer and number 4 overall player in our league Ronnie Brown just went down for the season, which makes him as valuable as the guy he is shaking hands with there who is probably STILL smoking weed somewhere

Needless to say I am in trouble

Its going to take some moves to get in position to stay number 1 but I do have some valuable players who will be on the block

More to come

Blog Scoreboard: Denise 3 Me 3

TO THE DEATH (or the end of the week)

1 comment:

Calvary Student Ministries said...

the ronnie brown thing is so sad. he was the only thing i looked forward to with my team......go canes!