Monday, October 22, 2007


That was one of the craziest weekends ever

I had a

membership class
wedding reception (they were married in Thailand)
flag football
Avery's soccer game
Another wedding
Goodbye party for Laney's brother Damon and new wife Tina, as they fly back to Germany today

It was fun though I am pretty worn out

I also sadly ran into someone who said the phrase "if you blogged" to me, I then responded with "I do", to which they replied "I mean regularly". Ouch

I will effort to crank it up a notch and actually will issue a challenge to out blog this person this week.

More to come


Chris Goeppner said...

as my good friend bryon mondok says, are you sure its not a time capsule?

look forward to catching up....

tanya said...

you against denise huh? interesting.

denise hotze said...

it's on

Shari said...

I'm looking forward to the war. But, also to catching up! Hi! Glad to see you in the blogging world.