Monday, November 26, 2007

Monday AM Quarterback

  • Preached yesterday, forgot how bad 2 services can kick your butt, I am BEAT!
  • My fantasy team is tied with Adam who is in first place, and we each have one player tonight...drama...Hines Ward vs Pittsburgh's defense
  • Christmas time is picking up man, I am already seeing lights and stuff
  • My wife is awesome, she made THE BEST rice krispie treats I have ever had (and I have had alot of of RKT's). All she said she changed was the amount of butter and sugar I think...imagine that :)
  • Mason is already teething at 2 months!
  • Avery asked if he could have a Pac Man party for his birthday (Which is in May) because I bought him this $5 game at Game stop called Pac Man World or something. Funny how old can become new
  • BTW, I love GameStop. It's trade in policies are insane. I took a few old games and controllers up there the other day to get credit to buy a game for my nephew, and when the girl was done she said "OK, you have $88 in credit would you like to look around?" UH YEAH I WOULD LIKE TO LOOK AROUND
  • I picked up Call of Duty This game is AWESOME. I was just laughing the other day about how many World war 2 shooters there are on the market. Honestly I have always loved those games, they are usually fun and make you feel patriotic and you even learn about history too, but I was like, what is call of duty gonna do, keep making ww2 games? No they went crazy and changed their focus and made whats is maybe going to be the game of the year. COD 4 is modern warfare and is simply amazing.
  • UGA finished their regular season Saturday by whipping the bees and missed out on the SEC Championship but will end up in a great bowl anyway as the #1 at large bid.
  • Back to the grind....some awesome stuff coming our way at church, can't wait for this Sunday!

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