Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Miracle Drug

As I have shared on here before, I am afflicted via genetics with a tendency to make kidney stones pretty often

Not too often like some people ( I know a guy who is in his 30' s and has had 70+!)

But I went from having one when I was 14 to basically having one a year since my mid 20's

I am only counting the ones that send me to the ER too. There are many times were I will have some back pain and then see (I know, gross) results. But I only really count the ones that have me in the hospital begging for morphine.

Now they say there are many things you can do with your diet but in the end the stuff that causes them is usually good for you (calcium)

Well it been over a year since my last one (My last 2 stones were only 10 months and then 8 months apart) and while I have added more things that are supposed to help with stone breaking (asparagus, lemonade, cranberry etc) and slowed some things down that dont help (sweet tea...hardest thing ever, Chick Fil A I miss your crack, uh I mean sweet tea) the main change in my diet has been the addition on energy drinks, in particular
RockStar Juiced Pomegranate

I was always afraid of energy drinks but once I had one I loved it and it definitely gets you up in the AM or picks you up after lunch

So Dr Porter says drinkem up

Although I could be totally wrong and all it could be doing is making a gigantic stone inside of my kidney that will kill me....guess we will find out :)


Steve said...

Well Just remember it is possible to live thru a 7 x 15 mm kidney stone , and pass a approx 2.5 to 3 mm kidney stone while in singapore without any morphine.. Dr Tanner states a percocet a day keeps the back pain away ( ok i dont take a percocet a day but it was kinda funny)

Mandy May said...

ewwwwwwwww...your elongated body and stuff emerging from it.