Thursday, January 17, 2008

Previous Video Post...My Bad


I know no one reads this blog but in the event you did watch the video on the previous Post I just deleted I apologize.

I posted without a complete review.

I am sorry and hope no ones ears were scarred


Chris Goeppner said...

now you have blown it dude!
so, what was it?

Lilli Momma said...


Preston Porter said...

I posted a video of this nerd who was seriously ticked off about super smash brothers being delayed

It was a look into nerd angst and frustration unlike anything I have ever scene

so much so that I had to pause it after 2 minutes and take a rest/post it immediately

It was only after posting it that I decided to finish watching it with Adam.....thats when around 3 minutes he starts dropping the f-bomb amongst other not so nice words

So I turned red and ran in my office to pull it off my blog

Lesson learned: Always completely proof before you post