Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The NFL is crafty/I have a problem

I just realized the NFL combine starts tomorrow

I also just realized that after over a year of enjoyment of the NFL network they had disappeared of my channel listings

Turns out they have upped their cost to dish network and were no longer available at the "basic" package level

Now, I respect the NFL's plans for total product dominance and it's first step in landing an exclusive channel. I also predict that this is the beginning of the end for anyone BESIDES the NFL network, showing NFL games. They will continue to flex their muscles until they have a exclusive contract and everyone literally has to pay for an NFL package to watch NFL football.
And I also predict that people WILL do it.

But I can't help it....I love it

I just upgraded my dish network deal (though currently it only cost me $7 this month)
So I could watch guys who just got out of college run and lift weights and try to predict where they are going to get drafted

Dr. Phil...where are you?

UPDATE: I was the victim of bad info...combine starts on Saturday

Still a loser

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