Tuesday, February 26, 2008

say a little prayer for Little Edge

Little Edge (seen above at 1 month) is now 7 months old and the coolest bearded dragon I have ever seen (ignore the camera date, it took us months to figure that out)

He also has a great name as he was named after the lead guitarist for U2 who my 3 year old Jake happens to have a fascination with

Unfortunately the last 2 days he has been in real bad shape

He stopped moving his back legs and began bleeding at a sore on his hips

I dropped him off at our local pets store (which is great, if you are local and if you have pet needs...ask for Chris and tell him I sent you) and they are keeping him overnight to check him out but said it looks like he may have broken his back...which is never good

I really like this lizard but it is Jake's pet and he has really began taking a HUGE interest in him, and that makes me not just like the lizard...but get emotional when I think about having to explain to Jake what happened to him

It also makes me think of a young me when I lost the family dog, Samson, and when my first pet ( ya know MY pet) Bubba the cat died

Let's hope he recovers and can come home and continue as a member of the Porter clan

For Jake's sake

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