Friday, March 07, 2008

Sad News

Thanks to all of you who voiced concern about my missing snake

Last night I had a dream that he was dead and I also had a thought that the dogs found him and ate him and that I would find him in the backyard in poop but all that was changed at 6:29AM this morning when I heard a scream and my name being yelled while I was still in bed

OF COURSE the sad news is that Laney, not me, found the snake and of course she did it while sitting down on the floor and looked over her shoulder and tried to figure out for a few minutes what was on the floor slowly moving next to her.

He was very thirsty and still didn't bite me or anything but seems pretty restless with his brief taste of freedom

I will head down to the pet store later and grab him a rat and let him grab a bite but as Avery said, though I am not sure Laney heard him "Thank you, thank you, thank you mom for finding my snake"

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