Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Dark Knight

So.....I saw this awesome movie last week and twas so awesome, I am blogging about it. Which I clearly don't do very often. : )

So it definitely lived up to the hype, especially Heath Ledger, all the buzz is not just because of his death, his performance was one of the most amazing villains ever. Christian Bale was very good as a torn hero too.

I havent really weighed in on the film yet because it took awhile for me to process it. Not that I didnt like, I loved it, but it didnt end with a happy little bow on it.

I imagine thats how I would have felt at the end of Empire Strikes Back the first time I saw it. But I have watched that film so many times and have known so much about Star Wars for so long I can't remember not knowing Darth Vader was Luke's father and the sense of defeat the good guys in Star Wars must have been feeling then.

Anyway like I said TDK does not have a necessarily happy little ending, and I couldnt get away from that while thinking about it this week.

But that also reminded me of what it's like to be at a church plant and to be on the edge trying to make a difference.

Not everyone totally gets what you are doing. I have relatives, old buddies and people I know in the community who just do not get what is going on here. I have had people ask me if I get paid or is this a hobby, are we going to join up with a chruch that has a building when we "grow enough", and others have said, so you arent really a church are you?

Just like the people of Gotham who were wanting Batman to turn himself in, they dont get it.

Also Batman's wrestling with this and the role of Dark Knight reminds me alot of the pressure of being a pastor, especially at a church like Revolution.

You cant make everyone happy, and in the end if you are doing good, do what you have to and move on because the plan God has is so much greater than any "haters" in the community.

Just like Batman, I look at our community and feel the need to do something to make an impact....even if it means embracing a role that people will not understand and will even look at with disdain.

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This article was really good on the Dark Knight:

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