Tuesday, July 29, 2008

"Wait....did that guy just pick up his own arm?"

Somewhere round here...it all went down

So today was our Multi Site Staff Retreat/Meeting

A day to get away and finalize our plans for our second site in Holly Springs.

The day started great with Gary deciding we should stop at Bojangles and grab breakfast which was an awesome surprise as I haven't eaten there in forever. Great country ham biscuit.

SO we continued on and it was on me to lead the pack as I had directions and a GPS. Tim had set everything up for us to go to a cabin East of Ellijay, only we didn't exactly know how East it was.

We found ourselves on crazy backroads in the middle of the mountains running out of gas. I was low and Gary behind me was strugglin. Not only was the gas situation scary, but the Cajun Filet Biscuit from Bojangles had many adverse digestive side effects which were not helped by stressful mountain roads and it felt like a race with the devil to make it to the cabin before someone had an accident.

But after a very stressful journey we did finally arrive and the cabin was NOT a cabin. It was a mountain chalet. (I dont know what a chalet is but I mean it was amazing) It was the most incredible mountain cabin/home I had ever seen.

We then proceeded with all of the items of the day and after an amazing time of questions, debate, planning, quiet time, and excitement we felt very productive and had even finished ahead of schedule.

After even more important debate (where to eat dinner) we decided to head to the Smith House. Alot of us were excited, some of us looked like a little girl who had just gotten a pony.

As we headed back out and said goodbye to the cabin, we decided to head back to the gas station we had past on the way in, even though The Smith House was the other direction, but we didn't know a gas station was the other way for sure and we were on fumes.

So we headed that way and we saw what we believed to be a more bootleg gas station before and Gary and Jenna actually pulled over to get gas (we had 3 cars in this caravan) but Tim and I had heard that the other gas station was more legit, so we decided to head there. Well it didnt end up feeling that close, even though it was only 3 miles away, on fumes that can be very stressful.

So we finally arrived at "The Hunt'n and Fish'n Headquarters"

We pulled in...Tim and I got out of the car to pump gas, Gary told me they had the card and I should go ahead a fill up. At this point the day had been a huge roller coaster and by now many of us we stressed out to the point of snapping, so Tim and Gary decided to have "healthy aggressive verbal reconciliation of their issues" this is something we like to do at Revolution, run to conflict and have healthy honest discussions...we just haven't ever done it at a gas station before.

So I guess I was just very intrigued by all the days events and I remember Tim saying something to the effect of "this one must the only one thats working" about the gas pump in between continued talk with Gary.

Either way I was very distracted as I began to pump, just thinking lets get this gas then go have some southern cookin goodness. The beginning of pumping gas was weird (it didnt feel right) but I attributed it to the fact that we were in the boonies and they had old school pumps with tickers.

Well a few minutes into my fillin up, the world began to run a little slower and a sudden terrible realization flooded over me in a horrible way...

Do you remember that scene in Saving Private Ryan where they are on the beach at Normandy and the sound goes out and you can kinda hear gunfire and stuff but not really and the guys are gettin blown up and the theres that dude who is lookin on the ground and picks up an arm and then you realize its his arm?

Well thats what happened to me then, the rest is mostly a blur and I could post my thoughts but I think it would best to let Gary do it.

Because he has pictures and I lost the privilege when I made one of the dumbest decision I have ever made. I apologize to the entire staff at Revolution Church publicly and pray they will forgive me....

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