Wednesday, July 13, 2005

allright, allright, allright

energy is something I just love

i have been a listener to a certain radio program that has the greatest amount of energy I have ever heard

this program started several years ago, and at first it was on at night on AM so you could only listen to it if you were real close and not for real long

but I listened as often as I could and it has been one of the most succesfull radio programs in the country

This program is known as the one the only the 2 LIVE STEWS.

If you live on the west coast or are a night owl you might have seen them on ESPN 2

anyway I love these guys because the host with all their heart, and they are pretty much hilarious

they just make me feel good when I listen to them. if you get a chance log on and listen to the first 15 minutes of their show and I guarantee it will change you life. they call their show your vacation and thats what it is

anyway, i think there is alot to learn from them, they started at a crappy time but climbed their way to the top with heart and energy. last year they were voted the number 1 sports radio show in the country by ESPN.

they are an example in energy and excellence

check them out


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