Wednesday, July 13, 2005

is this personal?

i see so many cool blogs with like, pictures, so I guess
I will include mine at this risk of blinding you with
my fierce homeliness

but I will take one step at a time in introducing my family

pets first

I have two dogs

Bailey and Tiger

They are both half Boxer (Bailey is half lab and Tiger is half american bulldog)

Bailey was our first baby and is now 4 years old, she is smart and a schemer

Tiger is like 2 and dumb as the leash on his neck, we kept his tail (bailey already had her clipped when we found her) and he has put me on one knee with strategic whips of his tail. My 3 year old is used to it and sometimes appears to be in the Matrix as he dodges the wagging sword of tiger.

Funny stories about both and I will share them one day.

sorry about the quality they are from my phone. notice the scrapbooking madness of my wife around bailey.


till next time


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