Wednesday, July 13, 2005

realms of nerdery

so I have a couple of realms of nerdery

subjects that when they come I all of the sudden realize that I am not in mainstream society but a full blown nerd.

The main subjects are as follows

1. Star Wars
Used to be the greatest movies ever now they are a close second. Changed my life in so many ways, quotes, recognizing spiritual allegories in movies, the whole father son battle etc etc

2. Lord of the Rings
Now the greatest movies ever. Never read Tolkien's books yet fell in love with the story from the very first moment. So many of the stories are allegories its ridiculous. So many messages therewithin. Dream Saturday (not in the fall) would be watching the extended versions all in a row. Then watching the commentaries. Then the regular version again. I want to say that that is way too much but I just can't physically do it. No it is too much but I am not saying it couldnt happen.

3. Sports
Some may say you can't be a sports nerd, but if you can I am. I know and care way too much about just about any and all sports, even the ones I don't want to(NBA).

and the last thing (at least for this email)

4. Animals
I really like animals. I remember growing up watching wild america and then later watching animal planet all the time. Anyway I have always wanted a cool reptile as a pet. So my buddy had like 3 snakes and was getting married, and his bride to be passed a 2 serpent limit law which let me get access to a cool snake for free. Anyway so I like our other pet, right now we call him no feet because thats what my son called him once.

Anyway its a 2 foot South Florida King Snake or Brook's King Snake.

Continuing the reptile nerdery, the coolest thing I watch on TV or go to see at Zoo's is the larger reptiles. Especially like large alligators and crocodiles. Its like when you go to the ocean or see a full clear night sky. Its just kind of gives you this glimpse into the amazing creativeness and sheer magnitude of God. If you have ever heard Louie Giglio talk about stars and galaxies, its sortof like that with me for large animals. Well here is one of my personal favorites his name is Utan and he is a 20 foot Crocodile, I believe he is the largest in captivity in the US. If you are ever in Myrtle Beach then go to Alligator Adventure and check Utan out

anyway this as all nerdy topics has gone way to long

so cya



MorningRose said...

hey if your a nerd then i'm a nerd cause i use to watch animal planet ALL the time 24/7, lol, i like watching sports although i dont now much about most teams(inside info) i still love sports, i cant wait to go to the zoo again last time i went to one i was 7, i'd be screaming my lungs out(in ecstasy)if i went to a zoo, ahh STAR WARS AND LORD OF THE RINGS luuurve those two movies i even cried in star wars: episode 3 when aniken dies, in lord of the rings i was like stuck i could'nt tear my eyes away although i too have'nt read the series i still love the movie, ohh alligators/crocodiles are creepy i soo ewww i mean i like them but i dont ever wanna get close to them like 3ft close behind the bar ya but never close lol, and last but not least there's nothing wrong with likeing/loving animals i love animals guys who work at zoos love animals(most of them anyways) or at least like them lol, i'll talk to you later!!!!!:P

Ben said...

Thank you for publicly outing yourself as a nerdon your blog. I am not alone...Star Wars is THE best (in my book)!!!

I have to admit, I fell asleep during Fellowship of the Ring. I found the other two (Towers and King) more exciting, but I just couldn't jump into it as easily. Needed more laser blasts!

Kevin said...

"Snakes? I hate snakes!"

Nothing wrong with Star Wars, though. May the force be with you.