Sunday, July 17, 2005

remember me?

whats up?

short disclaimer...I have been up since 5am and worked both at church till 12 then went into my part time job at 3 and clocked out at 1010, so this maybe just ramblings and quite incoherent, so if it is, whatever its my blog

man I had about 4 or 5 akward (sp?) sortof greetings tonight.

Just some background...I work in the same town where I was youth minister at a large church for almost three years. this isn't just with church people though.

you know those weird moments where either you think or you know you see someone you know and depending on how far away they are you decide if you are going to greet them.

I mean sometimes its like they are avoiding you. So you kinda try to make your way toward them and they like take off! Whats up with that?

Then theres the well intentioned team work play. It is sortof like a tennis match. Theres eye contact on your side but only as they start looking away, then you look away as they look back and so on and so on. Usually though you end up locking eyes and talking. But for awhile it is touch and go until you make sure you know its really the person you think it is.

Its almost like a faith thing, I like feel convicted if I even think about avoiding people, that why I guess I have always been good in retail, I like people. But it is a good rule of thumb in Christianity. You know all that Samaritan business (look it up).

anyway cya



Kevin said...

Time for some sleep, Preston.

Preston Porter said...

allright man

Im out