Sunday, July 17, 2005


if you are any kind of sports fan, it is an amazing time to be watching golf.

alot of people hate on Tiger for one reason or another, but I am gonna keep rooting for him just because I want to keep on riding this amazing history making wave he is on.

I tried to explain to my 3 year old today exactly what was going on, on the TV and I just hope he has a memory of it. Even if Tiger doesnt break Jack's big record it still is crazy to watch him do all these things.

I hated Jordan for awhile about midway thru his career, because I was a big Magic Johnson fan, but came back over at the end because he was just amazing in that he would just do whatever it took to win and when it was clutch time, not only did everyone in the WORLD know who was getting the ball. He was going to hit it also. He was the ultimate clutch player, Tiger may make a run at that title soon.

Anyway cya


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