Thursday, September 22, 2005

the 1st annual Ridge Stone Wing Challenge

Due to medical issues(which will soon become apparent) this post was supposed to be aired on Thursday, here is the post in its entirety

well all of us are dying right now

we just completed(a few hours ago) the 1st annual wing challenge

we went into this just understanding the fact that if you ate 20 wings in 20 minutes you get a t shirt.

well things changed from the minute we walked in the door. 1st it became apparent that on this challenge you had to eat the wings in their Nuclear sauce, and this piece of information quickly caused us to refocus and question our decision. The next thing was introduced AS WE RECEIVED the wings and they said start. They do not supply challenge wings with any kind of dipping sauce. This nearly crippled all of us. However we struggled on and we all finished. Tim then Gary then me.

so we got a tshirt and we all have been groaning and running to the little pastors room all afternoon.

Anyway here's documentation

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