Wednesday, September 21, 2005

decision decisions

man o man

last night was some pretty good TV

But this is a 2 edged sword, it appears that Tuesday night will be stacked so at least it will make it easier for Laney and I to watch a limited amount of TV and not TiVo everything and then try to catch up thru out the rest of the week

The shows that are rocking now for us are

My name is Earl
The Office
Arrested Development
Family Guy

Soon to come
Amazing Race: Family Edition
Apprentice (Both right now, unless one is weak)

what are you melting your brain with on the tube?


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Kevin said...

We are into these shows:
-The O.C. (my guilty pleasure)
-Gray's Anatomy
-CSI and CSI:Miami (Miami is catching up; CSI:NY kinda stinks)
-Tons O' reality shows