Tuesday, September 20, 2005

TIL....a day late

wow, that weekend flew by.

Like Gary said year round school sucks, we were missing some regulars but the cool thing was once again we had 1st timers and some second timers who combined to make yet another different crowd. The 4th different one in 4 weeks.

Man in childrens we are ready for a change. we are finishing up this rescue 911 series and PUMPED to kick off(literally) our BLITZ series.

Couple questions for the literally ones of you who visit me.

1. What series/curriculum are you using now or soon? Include youth too because we are going to kick off hometeams for youth soon.

2. What's going on? Let me hear some stories from the front lines about what God is doing in your life and in your churches.

holla back


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Kevin said...

With our youth group we are going to be using "Justice Mission" and "Discipleship Experiment" curriculum from Youthspecialties. There is another book I am currently using, but I forgot the exact name. It's lessons for student leadership, but I am using it for everyone.

As Family Pastor, what is your role at RSC? Another question I have had is what resources would you recommend for someone looking into childrens' ministry? Any good books on the subject?