Thursday, September 08, 2005

forgive me if I sound Cruiazy (cultural question of the week)

not to sound like Tom Cruise or anything but was I right in hearing an ad on the radio for a vitamin supplement/medication to give to children if their parents feel like they are too short?

isn't this kindof weird? don't don't know.......grow? and don't we as humans like grow till we are in our 20's?

I don't know this has really kinda bothered me. its not bad enough that our culture/media/entertainment, all expose kids to so much, it seems more and more that parents want to do anything they can to grow their kids up asap. let them get major league contracts and get famous whatever way they can.

anyway let me know if you have heard of this or think I am crazy



Ben said...

Had to be a joke. I've never heard it. Were you like listening to Rush Limbaugh or something?

Preston Porter said...

naw man heres the link and I have heard it three seperate times