Wednesday, September 14, 2005


Hey yall

sorry I am living up to my title as worst blogger ever but at least I am still trying(I was actaully even proud of my last blog but anyway) and not giving up like TIMMAY!!!

Anyway needless to say there is much going on and not alot of time to sit and reflect but some things are coming down the pipeline here at The Stone that have me jacked up.

More to come on that but just wanted to say hey and be on the look out on Tim, Gary and My blogs.


Kevin said...

You aren't the world's worst blogger. Close, but...Just kidding. It's great to read about all the exciting stuff going down at the Stone. Keep up the good work.

Ben said...

Yo! I love reading what's going on down there. I love the blog world! Seeing what's happening at other churches and how their reaching their local community is very enlightening. It's exciting to see what's up at the Stone.