Thursday, June 22, 2006

i thought summer's were supposed to be easy!?!


its crazy here

summers, I thought, were for recovery and what not. But there is just so much that can be done while we have some other things off the plate for a little while.

and while I feel some crazy pressure, its mainly self induced. we are stepping it up program wise in Elementary and 2 year olds. We have a little more freedom to try new stuff in summer and instead of resting and taking it as a break, we are pushing harder plus we are getting ready for when it really is going to blow up, which will be in the fall.

so why am I blogging when I could be working on the stuff I am venting about?

well just wanted to share with myself and the 2 people that read this blog the excitement that is here and will be coming in the next couple of months and to remind yall and me that summer is a great time for planning and experimentation

happy risk taking


Christy said...

You have 3 readers - I don't think you were counting me! I'd love to hear what you're trying in elementary this summer. I've always sensed that we have more leeway to do things differently in the summer!

johnny p said...

yo, presto... i googled you and came across your blog. pretty cool. it was great talking to you the other night. check out my website on myspace:

the bbq is on at tom and alice's at 1:00 saturday, which you know is really 2:00 or 3:00. see you soon. peace!