Thursday, August 03, 2006

but he'll stink....

one of my favorite lines from the Bible is about Lazarus and about how just as Jesus is about to RAISE HIM FROM THE DEAD!, and people are worried he will stink.

well I believe I am back from the dead on blogging and man do I stink

things have been crazy here but so much fun

Ridge Stone turns 2 this weekend and we have an awesome service planned

Its been so amazing to see all God has done these past 2 years.

there are several things I have meant to blog about that I will hopefully share soon
but one I wanted to mention today is the flywheel of volunteers

Volunteers have always been an issue that has challenged us from the beginning

we have done everything we could imagine to get them plugged in and had little success, now I am not whinning too much because the truth is our workers are so good that we have grown in all kids areas with the amazing gifts of our current workers.

but you can always use more, and with our growth it has called for more workers, not just to take care of the kids we have but to be ready for the kids that are GOING to come.

lately we have had a huge influx of workers. I would guess that in the last 2 week we have added almost 10 workers! and I am here to share with you what we changed in order to get that boom of workers.


we changed nothing. all we did was see the fruits of dedication, or the flywheel if you have read good to great.

there were many times I was freaking out and was depressed that we didnt have a surge of workers, I wanted to change how we recruited but didnt. Not because I am smarter than most, I was literally just hoping it would work out. and it did.

so if you are Stuh-rug-aling with getting volunteers, if you have what looks to be a solid system for recruitng, stick with it. Eventually you will see the fruits of your labor, if you keep pushing on the flywheel.


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