Tuesday, October 31, 2006

what? could it be true?

Fantasy Update

I was up by only 8 points last night and John had Chester Taylor going for Minnesota and long story short New England's D held on and almost shut him out and I won! I thought it was impossible!

Anyway that was cool and sad that it is a such a highlight for me.

I have the worst fantasy team I have ever had but am somehow managing to win even with the fewest points in the league. Does just defense win championships or can bad offense when the other team has worse offense win too?

Last night Laney, Avery, Jake and I got to hang out at my man Boggs for an impromptu baby shower thing, we really just hung out and talked about the future exciting days they are about to have and checked out their awesome historic home. Boggs you guys Rock!

Have a great one
p2 out

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