Wednesday, November 01, 2006


hows it going? as my sons favorite commercial would say (those of you that know me know I am 6'7" and I am scared of 2 things heights and small people, so its not my favorite commercial)

anyway, things are cool now, we have 2 new series kicking off in kids and everyone feels like they maybe the best ever

also we have discovered a foosball table in the warehouse behind our offices and basically we take 10 minute break to beat each other down in foosball

also my awesome boss has given us tomorrow off since we busted it pretty good during our Inked series and had awesome results to show for it

my fantasy team is stuck in limbo trying to decide between Marc Bulger and Tom Brady0

my boy Boggs had a girl today and mom and baby are fine(hope to see'm tomorrow)

also I have gotten caught up on Heroes and it is an awesome show and it is catching up on 24, LOST, The Office and My Name is Earl.

Anyway, have a great week, and hopefully the dogs wont lose 2 in a row....again


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