Saturday, November 11, 2006

i did it!

i have a tradition since Mark Richt took over at UGA

I wear the same shirt every saturday for every game

since Richt has been here its been pretty lucky

i tore it off and twirled it over my head like an "Im Georgia" towel when Sean Jone spicked up a fumble by Casey Clausen and ran it back 90+ yards for TD late in the half VS Tennessee

I also nearly went hulkamania on it and tore it up when we lost to Auburn last year as we gave it away

anyway the point is I wash it if we lose but not if we win (yes I take it right off and hang it up)

well guess what? this year I had not washed it, i was so depressed and really wanted just to get out of this whole superstition thing I was like it doesnt matter

the when the 2 games that we will not speak of and I thought would never happen in my lifetime (UK and VU) i had gave up on it, I was thinking of retiring it and putting it in a frame and writing its record on there

well guess what again? i washed it this morning. and ya know what happened, they went crazy

watching this new show heroes has got me thinking, can I really make a difference.....with my shirt? doe sit have superpowers? you tell me......

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